To employ one to completely EMBRACE their being, allowing them to EMBRACE life completely.


Now you can order the latest products from EMBRACE! Be empowered at any time with life-changing CDs from Life Advisor Tekela Scott. You can also look stylish and trendy in our fashionable EMBRACE t-shirts.

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Sister Selah

EMBRACE will help you to unload mentally, physically and emotionally during this life-changing weekend. Attendees will have access to spa sessions, massages, pedicures, manicures, facials and sessions with Life Advisor Tekela Scott.

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EMBRACE Yourself

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Daily Inspiration: CHANGE

Change is the seed that gives life to freedom. EMBRACE Change! - Tekela Scott


Anything you desire to do can be done. Focus your mind, discipline your body and EMBRACE...


When you change, you change the world; EMBRACE Change! - Tekela Scott


Everything that currently exists began as an IMAGE in someone’s IMAGE-nation....

Creating and Embracing Your Destiny

Many people often think of destiny as the end point of their journey when in fact your...